Alex C

Throughout my youth I always felt lonely. I didn’t know why. I would blame it on my drunk father who wasn’t there for me or my mom who didn’t know how to handle me.

I continued throughout the years looking for the cure to my loneliness. I searched through friends, boyfriends, and even drugs. At one point my boyfriend and I were so lost in a world of drugs and sin that we seriously asked ourselves why were we doing this? It brought nothing but pain.

I was angry at everything. So we both decided to start reading the Bible. It took some time because I did give up sometimes, but every time I did, something would happen and bring me back. The more I read, the more I cried for everything I did in the past. But afterwards I would feel the happiness I’ve been searching for all my life. I was searching for love that would save me. That love was God. He has given me hope, love and faith.

Everyday I still battle with myself to do good. I’m 21 years old and married so I get a lot of people telling me I wasted my life. But I’m comfortable because I know that I found the right guy and I don’t need to be with a lot of men to live my life. I think 5 years ago I wouldn’t have said the same thing. But Jesus has shown me that all I need is Him. I am thankful for my life and everything around it.

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