Lacey Sturm

Lacey Sturm, former lead singer of Flyleaf, shares how Jesus saved her from atheism and her attempt to commit suicide.

  • Ashley Johnson

    beautiful testimony … wiping my eyes right now … thank you for sharing!

  • Edgar Alvarado Almanza

    flileaf in mexico

  • Edgar Alvarado Almanza


  • Lezly Ev

    Thank you for being one of my role model in my life!!!! thank yo so much, for let me be more strong!!!!

  • twinless

    I admire her so damn much, but I just can’t agree about ‘God’ being important, I’m pretty close to atheism and all my suicidal thoughts are away; when I believed in God I used to think about suicide.
    Sure, I’m not saying that everyone should think the same, damn no, I just don’t agree, and sorry but it’s because I really like Lacey and miss her in Flyleaf that I ended up here.

    She helped me a hell lot, after all.

  • Karen Cambanes

    She has a lot of courage and strength. I admire her for that…and for everything she has done and such…

  • Johnda

    I have been a big fan of hers for years, but I’m sorry, not all atheists (myself included) are these sad and lonely creatures just looking for a way to end it all and commit suicide. I was once a Christian, and very devout and I can honestly say that leaving the church and becoming an Atheist was the best thing I ever did. I was absolutely miserable as a Christian and found it unbearable, even at it’s most progressive. I even attended a Flyleaf concert while a Christian and thought they were amazing. I love Lacey’s voice. But, you can be good and happy with out God, just the same as you can be good and happy without Santa Claus.

    • Rescued

      Jesus hasn’t given up on you!

    • ray

      yeah but God is more then a happy feeling! he’s our father who undeniably loves us. He sent his only beloved son to die for you and everyone eels in the earth. I know i have no right to judge you, for i don’t know you or your life but i’m just saying God is your father who wants so badly to be in your life he let use kill is son, the perfect lam, for you and me. He knows everything about you and what you’ve done in your life and will do. he knows your faith for heaven or hell. all he wants to do is be with you not to hurt you but to show you real love. and i don’t mean this movie love you see on TV but everlasting love . And i’m not saying that if your a Christian your always happy because not everyone is who is . But that’s why we pray for asking God for power to face the day ’cause this world will look down on us but its your choice to keep your head up knowing there’s a God who loves you and will always be by your side till death and even be on death. Gods here to show forgiveness not hate even if you are wrong or disbelieve in him.

  • disqus_b215EKPj6k

    LACEY IS SO AMAZING!!! She helps EVERYBODY (Including me) THROUGH SAD & BAD TIMES (Though I listen to her either way!) :) HAVE A GREAT LIFE LACEY!!! I MISS YOU A LOT LOVED YOUR SINGIN’!!! Love, Z

  • Kaitlyn Crow

    Lacey is truly my role model. Flyleaf has made me feel like I belonged and has brought me closer to God and pulled me out of suicide. I can’t watch this without crying, because God took Lacey, who was in an awful situation, and saved her. I miss her singing in Flyleaf, but I pray for her to have a happy life with her family <3

  • Phil Westhuis

    awesome story of how Lacy Strum was Ransomed

  • Rescued

    Oh Johnda, being a Christian isn’t about being good and happy, it’s about coming face to face with the Jesus (the one and only Son of God)-understanding that we can’t meet the standards of God, it is only our sin (sin-living against God’s standards) that separates us from our creator, our loving Heavenly Father. Sin has to be separate from God because He is pure Holiness and can’t be touched by anything un-pure, He doesn’t choose to be separate from us, God loves us. Until we see ourselves in the condition we really are in, and see God for the position He really is in, to be a “devout Christian”…it’s not about a religion it’s about Jesus, the One whom God sent to bridge the gap between us and Him. Without desire-reading your Bible, prayer and joining a church becomes rules & is a set up for failure. All relationships start with “desire”-desire to be in the presence of the One you love and Whom loves you, desire to hear the voice of the one you love and your beloved, desire to know everything about them and be committed to them as you know your Beloved is committed to you-yeh, Jesus has got our backs because He loves us and knows everything about us and loves us anyway! I have to wonder if you have been presented with the “false” image of Jesus, you may have given up on seeking God, but I can guarantee you He has not given up on pursing you, because He loves you!

    • Jimi Lopez

      I’m going to post this to Facebook

  • Norman Carter

    Hi Lacey
    Your testimony is strong and powerful.
    I feel that you need to hear not to be discouraged by some comments that you read.
    God is working in you and through you in a mighty way.
    In your life, when you went to that church with intention of suicide, you cracked your heart open just enough for God to touch you.

    What beautiful work the Lord has done.

    What would not be today if you had followed through with suicide?

  • Mat

    Hello Lacey, I appreciate your words…

    Belief in God takes the least amount of faith in my opinion…an atheist holds more faith than a believer in God. Why? Because to believe in nothing is to believe in something, something that was an accident, no purpose, absolute chaos. I’m a person of little faith, so the obviousness of something greater than myself is quite honestly the simplest belief available….I could never be an atheist, that’s the most difficult “religion” out there ;)

  • ted

    what does the song call you out come from